08 July 2011

Studio Dreaming...

It is good to have dreams, and this is something that I have a lot of - that Leaff has a lot of.

Well before Leaff was even born, we had plans for a special studio... 'one day', and as Leaff's first birthday looms, I have been reflecting on our current studio, and our bookmarks of inspiration that we have collected for what we hope will be our next...

From top to bottom and left to right:
• Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid (picture by Iwan Baan), located on todayandtomorrow.net
• Sommerhaus Piu, Germany (designed by Patrick Frey and Björn Götte) located on inhabitat.com
• Glass Casa La Semilla, Mexico (designed by t3arc) located on inhabitat.com
• Amsterdam Schipol Airport (built by Maurice Mentjens & NatuurCollege) located on inhabitat.com
• A Leafy Home (designed by BlueForest), located on blueforest.com
• Pool House (designed by BlueForest), located on blueforest.com
• Lakeside Paradise, Lake Garda in Italy (designed by BlueForest), located on blueforest.com
• Cliffside Lodge  (designed by BlueForest), located on blueforest.com

I love how nature envelopes the Selgas Cano office, in it's beautiful colour. I love the peacefulness of the setting where Sommerhaus Piu and Glass Casa La Semilla sit; visible through their glass walls. I love the inclusion of trees bursting through the space in Amsterdam Schipol Airport, and the use of wood in A Leafy Home, with it's beautiful shapes. I can imagine sitting on that decking at the Pool House on a summers morning, brainstorming a project with a fresh brew, and I can dream ever more about the Lakeside Paradise and Cliffside Lodge; havens in the forest, and the ultimate Leaff paradise. I can dream, dream and dream...

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