14 September 2012

Studio Time: Stephanie Saunders

This week I wanted to share a fairly recent project with you all, which a lot of you may have already seen me mention on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Stephanie Saunders is a floral design company, which focusses on high-end arrangements, and a quality service. Stephanie Saunders provides floral design for weddings, funerals, corporate events and special occasions.

Stephanie came to us a while ago with a dream, and after a thorough briefing over a coffee, the ball began rolling with her brand development. From logo and colour palette, to letterheads and promotional cards - and most recently a website and social pages - this was a fantastic project to work on, which really allowed us to gain maximum brand consistency for her.

Stephanie wanted a look that encompassed everything she strived for with her new business - namely quality, elegance and style.

The colour palette was very heavily based on earthy tones, to reflect her work - as was the stock for 
her stationery, which was an off-white, uncoated, recycled stock, giving a very natural feel.

For Stephanie's envelopes, we had a brass stamp made of the icon part of her logo, which carried the luxury feel onto her thick, quality envelopes. This was used with a silver wax, to match her palette.

For her website, that luxury feel and ease of use were at the forefront of the design. The feel of the website was taken straight across her social pages, for consistency. After a tutorial on her social pages, Stephanie was all set to embark on getting her personality out there to the masses - and what a natural she is! Why not pop on over and find out more about Stephanie and her already very successful new business - I know that she would really appreciate your support...

Check out her Blog
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As ever, our clients reaction is always the best bit of any project, and Stephanie's feedback couldn't 
have been better. This is what she had to say:

From my first email conversation, your understanding of my situation and your guidance regarding everything I needed to start was superb. I feel you really understood everything I wanted from my brand and really grasped the concept of 'Stephanie Saunders'. Throughout the entire process you provided excellent expertise and transformed my dreams into reality. Here's to the future of 'Stephanie Saunders' and a blossoming relationship with Leaff!

If you would like to talk to us about your brand - whether you are a new business in need of a brand that reflects you, or an existing one in need of a refresh - please get in touch as we would love to help!

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