21 December 2012

Our Christmas Mailer (that was not to be)

As some of you may have heard on Twitter, we've had a bit of a tough week with the collapse of our Christmas mailer - and what was typically set to be our best yet. So much of our hard work and money had gone into them, and they were set to arrive with Leaff's clients and friends alike by this morning. Alas, all it took was one supplier to let us down and it was all over, which has been very hard to swallow. So to all of our clients and friends, we are very sorry that instead of this intriguing mailer, nothing at all has ended up on your doorsteps this Christmas - we are crushed.

Since we put so much into the mailer and it cannot be re-used next year, we have decided to share it with you here. The bit that didn't get done has been super-imposed so you can get a really good idea
of what the finished thing was going to look like...

We had duplexed single cards using heavy stocks in our corporate red and snowy white. While the red sides were supposed to have our Mayan-themed design spray painted onto them in white, the reverse snowy white sides were where our personal, handwritten messages were displayed. These were teamed with transparent promotional slips and the whole thing was to be housed within teaser envelopes.
It would have been great - it was great.

We really hope that you can all take some enjoyment out of looking over these pictures and the description of our ideas at least. What we will take from it is self-appreciation for all of the effort we
put into this mailer, and how much fight we had to get it done - despite the fact that we have been in
the midst of the busiest few months that we have ever had.

Somehow, among all of the project work, we managed to plough ourselves into this personal project in what spare time we had, and really exercise our imaginations to come up with fresh, exciting ideas, utilising new techniques. We have developed as designers from this project by trying new things
- which is always what we aim to do with every personal project like this - and although we are still
licking our wounds from being so let down by the supplier, we are determined to take the positives out
of this and feel proud of what we had tried so hard to do.

Most of all, we are feeling sorely disappointed that our clients and friends have gone without this year,
so if all this post does is inform you all that we had planned great things and you were not forgotten,
then it has served us well.


  1. I'm so sorry you were let down after all your hard work. But as you say, you have learnt new things, pushed yourself and I am sure these skills can be used for future even more exciting projects. I hope you are keeping well, not long now I am guessing? Merry Christmas to you both, Hugs, Catherine x

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Catherine, and yes you are absolutely right. I am keeping very well thank you - no not long now, next month in fact! I hope that all is well with you too and we both wish you a very merry Christmas. With love xx

  2. What a brilliant & beautiful idea & design!

    Oh, I am excited to see what you design in 2013!!

    xx Have a wonderful year.xxAmanda (Pollen)

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely words Amanda - we really appreciate your feedback and are so pleased that you enjoyed it! It is really great to hear that you are looking forward to what we come up with this year - our Christmas mailers are always so much fun to work on!

      Have a wonderful year too and thank you again for taking the time to leave us your thoughts xx


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