31 October 2013

This is Halloween

'This is Halloween' - as the soundtrack goes for one of my favourite films, The Nightmare Before Christmas! Finally, after years of salivating over other people's fantastical creations, I have found 
a couple of hours to create my own.

Spooky bunting and frenzied black bats adorn both fire places, while large black pom poms hang mysteriously over the dining room table. Jay's carved pumpkin makes a sinister centre piece, while witches brooms and cobwebbed pumpkin buckets, with treats hidden in, lay scattered about the 
rooms. Even the fruit has turned evil!

Charlie is a little young to appreciate his mum's crazy creative efforts at this stage, but he will grow 
to love them I'm sure! And in the meantime, my thirst for fantasy and magic has been quenched, 
as we spend this halloween in our very own spooky world. Mwah ha ha!


  1. Clever you - I love Charlie's mum's crazy efforts! Oh crikey I've just realised - Mike's away tonight, I shall be alone in the middle of nowhere on Halloween. Better stay away from the scary films. Perhaps I will finally find time to email my friend Kaitie instead :) xxxx

    1. Thank you Charlotte! I hope you managed to avoid any spookiness while you were alone! xxxx


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