26 June 2014

For Joseph? For James...

If you can cast your minds back to December last year, we had announced how much we had raised for locally abandoned baby Joseph (catch up here), during our campaign in August of that year (catch up here).

Since then - yes, a whole 6 months later - after countless emails and phone calls, we had still come no closer to getting the money to Joseph, and the battered blank cheque sitting on our desk was a woeful reminder of this. It became very apparent, very quickly, that there had in fact been no account set up for him like we first thought. We had been through all the red tape, and even located his social worker, but no matter how hard we tried we just couldn't get the money into his account. We were frustrated, disappointed and somewhat anxious - what about the public, who had all been so kind enough to give their money? It had to go somewhere...

So, we hit the net in search of a children's charity, who we thought would be a good alternative to donate it to. Obviously there are a lot out there, all worthy, but then we came across one that particularly caught our eye - The James Bulger Memorial Trust. As soon as we landed on this site, I became completely overwhelmed; James' little face staring back at me, not too much older than Charlie. This was exactly where we belonged.

The James Bulger Memorial Trust was set up in March 2011, which coincided with what would've been James' 21st Birthday. The objectives of the charity are: "To benefit and support young people who are disadvantaged by reason of having become a part of bereavement, a victim of crime, hatred or bullying. To reward those who are judged to have shown exemplary conduct, making a positive contribution to the welfare of others, or society in general." What a great idea to put James' name to something so positive and appropriate.

So to all of you who helped us with the campaign for baby Joseph, although sadly, the money never got to him directly, we did manage to give it to a very worthy home, which we feel sure you will agree.

Please show your support to James' amazing mother, Denise, and this wonderful charity, and head on over to their Facebook page, here: https://www.facebook.com/JamesBulgerMT

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