23 November 2015

The 5 Senses Of Christmas // Creative Living

As we near the end of November, thoughts are turning to Christmas. It is such a sensory season isn't it? As the dull days and dark nights draw in, we have started thinking about what stirs our 5 senses at Christmas...

Sight - Traditional rainbow fairy lights clinch it for us. There is nothing more nostalgic at Christmas than the beautiful, warm lights that were so heavily featured in our childhood Christmases.  

Smell - Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, are spices that are so prominent at Christmas, and feature heavily in the scent of our home during the festive period - whether in our cooking or in our decor. Warming, comforting, calming and homely.

Sound - Silence. The silence of snow. When we wake up and everything is so silent that we just know. Snow has fallen. As we peel back the curtain, the excitement bubbles up inside of us just the same as it did when we were children - it never goes. And the beauty - it never ceases to stagger.  

Touch - Warmth. The feel of warmth as we enter our home on a winters day. The feel of the flickers of heat, radiating from the licking flames. Pure bliss after a wintry walk.

Taste - Of all the tastes of Christmas, mulled wine is always the most prominent. It has the funny ability to soothe us at the same time as making us feel celebratory.

What stirs your senses at Christmas?

Christmas Lights (source unknown), Spices Half Baked Harvest, Snow (source unknown), Log Fire (source unknown), Mulled Wine Adeline and Lumiere

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