23 February 2011

Music Magic

We have added a new section to the blog called 'Leaff Loves' - to the left of the page. We have added a few links to this already, but will continue to add to it. The links consist of our favourite artists, companies, blogs and musicians - all of which inspire Leaff. We hope that they lead you on to discover new things.

It has always fascinated me how music can be like a memory bank. I can hear a song that I have perhaps not heard for a while, and I can be flooded with emotions that catch me off guard. Subconsciously, I have a heap of memories attached to that song, and it will take a few minutes for my memory to get warmed up, and then there it is. Like I am re-living the memory, I can feel the emotions, sense my surroundings, and remember events in great detail. I think that perhaps, to some extent, any music can do this, but it is generally only music that really means something to me that has the most powerful connections to my memories.

As a former 'lemming' that just seemed to drift through mainstream music, being told what to like, with no real awareness of the alternative music that was in the background, it is only during the last 6 years that I have discovered it - and what a relief! The last 6 years have therefore been a musical journey for me, and having discovered the vast array of musicians and all of the new and different sounds that they each bring, I am now incapable of enjoying the mainstream music that I once settled for. I would like to thank a small group of friends, my partner, and 6 Music for this transition!

Music is now a much bigger part of my life, having discovered what I personally like, and I will continue to post about the people and groups that I enjoy, and the new discoveries that I make.

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