24 February 2011

Agnes Obel, Live!

As you will see under 'Leaff Loves', there is a musical genius by the name of Agnes Obel (the link takes you to her myspace page). We discovered Agnes not too long ago, after hearing one of her songs, 'Riverside', on 6 Music. We loved the song so much that we took a gamble and bought her album, 'Philharmonics' - and boy did it pay off!

Her music is soft, haunting, sweet, relaxing, sad, soothing and happy, all at once. It is so stripped back, so unassuming, and so different to anything that I have ever heard. Every time I need a little inspiration, a little relaxation, or a little cheering up, I listen to her album. In fact, even if I am not feeling or needing anything in particular, it still brings so many things to my day.

Imagine our excitement when we found out that she was touring in the UK. We have managed to bag ourselves some tickets and we are so excited to see her play live. Having seen footage of her live before, I know it will be special. I have attached a video below, to give you an idea of what I am talking about - courtesy of you-tube of course!

Agnes Obel, 'Over the hill', live

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