05 May 2011

'Play' - For Everyone

We recently stumbled upon a very interesting article from 'digitalmash', which
turns out to be a great read for not only a designer, but any creative at all.

With touches of humour here and there, it describes the rut that all creatives find
themselves in from time to time - the rut where we over work something, plagued
by pressure, which we all know is the very ingredient that shuts down our creative
minds. By taking some time out to play without any expectation or goal, we lose
the stress and anxiety, unveiling a free mind, which is more often than not when
our best ideas surface.

Exploring this act of 'play' and how to connect with it, the article combines quotes
from Dr Stuart Brown, (who wrote a book all about 'play'), outlining the many
different factors that constitute the activity, and just how free it should be.

I think that this is all relevant to every day life as well, no matter who you are.
We can all get so caught up in work and routine, that we forget to make time for play.
After all, everyone knows how manageable things feel when you are relaxed, with a
clear mind. You feel better inside and out, work efficiency improves, and routine is
far more fluent. There are companies that actively encourage play for these very reasons
- I think Innocent are a great example of this.

So, whoever you are, whatever your occupation, this is well worth a read.
Take a few minutes out of your day, for you, and remember how to play....


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