05 May 2011

A Spring Tale

I just had to share this heart warming story from yesterday.

My partner was strolling back from work for lunch when he was interrupted by a black bird, behaving very strangely. Looking down from a tall lamp post, he squawked and squawked in distress, confusing my partner, who was left wondering what the little blackbird was trying to say.

After lunch, as he walked back to work, below the lamp post where he had seen the blackbird, he saw a female blackbird and two males, desperately pecking at a drain by the curb of the pavement, making awful distress calls. At one point the three of them were in the road, risking their lives as cars passed, nearly hitting them, and it was then that my partner decided something must be very wrong.

He waited for a break in the traffic, and peered down the drain to find a baby blackbird trapped down there - it must have fallen through the wide bars. Being the absolute hero that he is, my partner removed the drain cover at once and reached in to rescue the fledgling.

Placing him down on a nearby grass bank, he stood back and waited for the parents to return (having scared them off on his initial approach to the drain). After about 15 minutes, and a somewhat desperate call to the RSPCA, daddy blackbird appeared to feed his rescued baby, and lead him away to safety.

Is that not the most extraordinary and beautiful story that you have ever heard?

Among many things, this tale highlights the intelligence of the blackbirds. They were clearly trying to get my partners attention when he first saw them, and what dedicated parents they were to risk their lives for their baby - an obvious thing for humans to do, but always extraordinary within nature. What is more, there were two male black birds helping, and obviously they couldn't both be the dad.

I am still smiling inside at both the beauty and intelligence of nature, and the fact that I am soon to marry the greatest man alive!

PS. The picture was not taken by us unfortunately - no time for photos when your being a hero - but I am told it looks just like the little bird that he rescued. Ruffled, squinty and agitated - and so very cute!

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