12 August 2011

Leaf Cut Art

It has been such a busy week this week, and so much has gone on that I could've written about so many things - and I really wanted to - but with time abandoning me, and too much to say, I have settled on this worthy little post, about the majestic art of leaf cutting.

Following one of my previous posts on paper cut art, you will know how inspired I get about these things and how much I adore this form of art. So, imagine my fascination when I came across these treats...

Extra special they are too, because actual leaves have been used, and so nature's art becomes our own. How beautiful the different colours are, hinting at the change in seasons, and the pictures seem to go with them too - a summer green, and the deer are out grazing; a winter brown, and the tree stands cold and sombre; an autumn orange, and the owl sits watchful among the ever baring branches.

The artist is Lorenzo DurĂ¡n - a Spanish creative, who feels that nature itself is the biggest inspiration, and I couldn't agree more, 'The colours of a butterfly, mineral glass, a majestic tree, etc., are a form of art that delights the senses, and for me nature is a wonderful way to experience creativity."

Lorenzo is self taught, and with the painstakingly fragile nature of his art, it must have taken a great deal of patience and commitment to become the artist that he is today - something that is not possible without a great deal of passion for what you do, and I love that.

See more of Lorenzo's work here - and don't be put off by the fact that it is mostly in Spanish; there are English translations if you have a rummage, and they are totally worth reading.


  1. these are amazing especially considering how fragile leaves are! Never seen anything like them before, thanks so much for sharing, Catherine x

  2. Thank you Catherine, always love to hear what you think, and I am so pleased you enjoyed the post! They are amazing aren't they - so special - I was so pleased to find them! x

  3. Oh my goodness! Flying visit as am half out the door... will have a proper look later. Where do you find these things Katie!!! xx

  4. Oh thank you Charlotte - so much! I hope you enjoy your proper look later - they are absolutely amazing! I don't know, I just always seem fall over these things somehow! So glad I do as well, because they are so great to share! xx


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