02 August 2011

Nature's Treasure

As I studied these pictures a few days ago, I thought that they could be precious stones, and that is exactly what they look like. So what would you think if I told you that they are actually grains of sand? Amazed? I was....

Professor Gary Greenberg is a biomedical researcher, who photographs nature through extreme magnification. These grains of sand were magnified over 250 times real life, exposing what appears to be quite a bland exterior (to the human eye), to actually be incredibly colourful and intricately patterned. They are fragments of crystals, spiral fragments of shells and crumbs of volcanic rock, combined into these beautiful structures.

Gary summed my thoughts up well when he exclaimed 'It is incredible to think when you are walking on the beach, you are standing on these tiny treasures.' This thought will surely stay with me next time I am lucky enough to visit a beach.

To sum this post up - nothing amazes me more than nature.

All of these photographs belong to Professor Gary Greenberg. You can view more of his pictures and also read more about Gary's work on his website, www.sandgrains.com.


  1. No way! That is amazing! They are amazing to look at anyway, but to discover they are 'just' grains of sand. Goodness me.

    We are possibly heading coast-wards on Thursday - impromptu couple of nights away, maybe - so if we go I'll peer at the sand and see what I can see.


  2. Thank you Charlotte! Yes they are amazing aren't they! Sounds like you have a lovely couple of days planned for the end of the week! Let me know if you spy any gems! x


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