14 September 2011

Canal Boat Art

I do love to stroll alongside the canal, feeding the ducks and swans, and watching the boats go by. Worcester is great for that, and towards the Diglis end in particular, there is such a holiday feel about it, and the pace of life seems slower.

Some people even live on the canal boats, and lately, on the cooler evenings, it has not been uncommon to catch the distinct smell of a log burner, which some have aboard their boat - aboard their home.

There is something about canal boats - the idea of being on the water in a snug homely boat, next to a real fire - and the fact that you can do literally anything you like to it. I have often seen people doing up the boats, which I find fascinating, and that is how I discovered Canal Boat Art.

Sitting on the water one day was a beautiful boat, painted with the most stunning landscape scene, which seemed to just melt into the surroundings...

Luckily the boat in question also carried a website address for the artists, and so after a quick search, I found out a lot more about them.

Canal Boat Art is a consortium of artists, that serve not just England, but all over the world. They create personal commissions for boat owners - from pastoral scenes that blend into the landscape (like this one), to brazen collages that spark fun and amusement, and in all cases, creating personal pictures that will bring pleasure for generations.

I do like to discover something new, and this is one of my very favourite discoveries to date.

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