07 September 2011

Christening Invitations

One of our most recent projects has been the design and creation of some gorgeous invitations, for a joint Christening. We had so much fun creating these, as so much experimentation went into them. Finally, we can unveil the end result, as we packed them up ready for delivery...

Both the elephant and the kiss stitch border were hand embroidered, and the names that have been blown from the elephants trunk, hand painted. In the copy, we added a real warmth and playfulness - with the reference to 'Grandma's House' for example.

These invitations were digitally printed onto a thick, uncoated, lightly textured ivory stock, and teamed with matching blue envelopes, with detail picked up on the diamond flap seal.


  1. Too cute! I've recently been trying to get my embroidered images onto card too, scanning seems too tricky so trying photos of them.

  2. Ah thank you Catherine! We scanned these but photo's can pick up the texture just as well - we have taken some great photo's of material before. Good luck and I will look forward to seeing how you get on!


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