18 May 2012

My Kind of Jewellery

I have never been one to buy lots of jewellery - things really need to capture me. Alas, lately I have come across this lot of gorgeousness, and I am captured - arrested in fact. I want it all, and I'm pretty sure that it wants me.

• Crochet Nursing Necklace, £18.72 - Kangarusha
• Mummy and Me Lucky Bunny Bracelet, £12.00 - White Rabbit England
• Owl Necklace, £40 - White Rabbit England
• Alice's Day Dream, Deluxe Pocket Watch, £18.95 - Roses are Red
• 'Fiona' Vintage Filigree Flower Ring, £16.00 - Helen Woodward
• Silver Bird Nest Necklace, £15.50 - Sweet Bluebird Jewelry

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