25 May 2012

The Olympic Torch Comes to Worcester!

A couple of months ago, we put our names forward to bag ourselves some free tickets to Worcester's great celebrations, as the Olympic Torch passed through our City - and bag some we did...

We are huge fans of our beautiful City at any rate, but yesterday afternoon proved to fill us with such pride - more than we thought possible to muster.

As we strolled along the picturesque river, making our way slowly to the cricket ground, the sun was blazing hot on our pale skin, which felt so eager to absorb the rays, and allow them to drain us of energy. In order to fully embrace the occasion - and the fact that we had such fantastic weather for the event - we stopped by a mobile ice cream parlour for a cone. It had been years - at least 15, surely - since I'd had mint-choc-chip. It was simply delicious, and actually, our first ice cream of the year!

The cricket ground was vast, and the grass a beautiful rich green, manicured to perfection - so perfect in fact, that I wanted to kick my shoes off... even lie down on it. After grabbing a drink, we found our spot by the railings, and settled there to watch the entertainment on the big stage ahead of us - and the various families having some good old fashioned fun with frisbees, in the open green space, too.

There were flags everywhere, and as the torch got ever nearer, crowds gathered to form a 'runway' for the relayers to pass through. Finally, after what felt like a long anticipated wait - taunted by the ever nearing helicopters overhead - the torch arrived with us, at the grounds. The last relayer was lined up, ready to receive the flame in her own torch, to carry to the finish line of the great stage.

The crowd cheered in delight and a sea of flags waved frantically from all around. As our final relayer made it to the stage, Worcester's cauldron was lit, to mark the official arrival of the torch. It was a touching sight to see such a symbol, and the sheer volume of support from the local community.

Since we are not going to be able to go to the Olympic games in London, this was our piece of it, and we loved every second. So bravo to Worcester for hosting such a great celebration, and be sure to let your hair down and celebrate with your community, when the torch comes by you.

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