19 October 2012

Discovered Artists - Part 2

Last week, I shared the first of this series of posts on artists that we recently discovered on our travels
in and around Weymouth. If you missed that, you can catch up here.

This week, I'm sharing a couple of artists with you, who we discovered on a visit to a recommended exhibition, which was housed at the Allsop Gallery, Dorset. The exhibition housed a range of mixed media, and from the work below, you will see just how varied it was. These two particular artists stood out to us.

Tiffany Scull

Tiffany Scull - 'Humming Bird', 'Yellow Bird', '2 Wrens', 'Sun Bird' and 'Nested Bird'.
(All images sourced directly from www.tiffanyscullstudiopotter.com)

We fell in love with these beautiful watercolour paintings as soon as we saw them. They are soft, detailed and romantic, and the character of the birds has been captured beautifully.

Tiffany not only produces watercolour paintings, but clay work too, where her detailed designs are transformed onto beautiful and striking vases, plates and lamp bases. Pop on over to her website to find out more about her, and to see more of her majestic work.

Steve Barrett

Steve Barrett - Animal & Bird Sticks
(All images sourced directly from www.walkingandworkingsticks.co.uk)

Both Jay and I have a huge appreciation of wood work, and so when we set our eyes upon Steve's work, we were really impressed - what a master at his craft! We loved the detail and shape that he gained with his beautiful hand carvings, depicting the beauty and the character of the wildlife so wonderfully.

Steve has won a number of awards in competitions both locally to him and nationally, and these are just a few examples of his vast portfolio. To see and find out more, head on over to his website.

Next week I will be sharing even more amazing artists with you, from other galleries that we visited on our inspiring travels.

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