26 October 2012

Discovered Artists - Part 3

Over the last couple of weeks I have been sharing with you some artists that we recently discovered while on holiday in Dorset. If you missed those, you can catch up here and here.

This week is a bit of a treat, as I showcase some of our most favourite finds which were all discovered in one amazing gallery - Lazyhill Gallery. The name may seem familiar because we had recommended Lazyhill to you in our first post from our holiday, here.

All images sourced from Lazyhill Gallery - lazyhillgallery.co.uk - or the artists' websites themselves (see below).

1  Sarah Jane Brown, 'Detached' and 'Boat with Anchor'sarahjanebrown.com

Sarah Jane's work is a very interesting mix of driftwood, wire and paper, working together to create all kinds of curious little scenes. I just love the quirkiness of her work, and the fragility of it too. She also has some really beautiful full wire work, which is definitely worth a look at too.

2  Sally Pawson, 'Leaf Stud Small' and 'Bangles'sallypawson.co.uk

Sally Pawson caught my eye with her vibrant, funky jewellery which is unlike any that I have ever seen before. I love the clean, sleek designs, which are so fresh and modern. I'm not a big jewellery collector, so things have to really grab my attention, and these certainly did.

3  Dr Bean, 'Owl' and 'Shoes'drbeansbags.co.uk

There are many bags similar to this in the collection by Dr Bean - each has it's own little saying on it, and they come in a variety of colourways and shapes. Bags seem to be more popular than ever at the moment, but I thought that these were really different and charming.

4  Gemma Wightman, 'Tealight' and 'Espresso Cup & Saucer'gemmawightmanceramics.com

I first laid eyes on the tealight by Gemma Wightman, and fell in love with it. Her ceramic pieces are so dainty and soft and I just love the gentle hint of turquoise that has been taken through each piece. She has many more pieces to be adored - each so elegant and charming - so do take a look.

5  Clare Mahoney, 'Medium Porcelain Heart' and 'Medium Porcelain Pebble'crmceramics.co.uk

Lastly, are the stones by Clare Mahoney. Painted stones have become quite popular of late, but these aren't just painted, they are impressed, giving a very tactile relief to the designs. The plant and flower patterns are just so beautiful, and I love the tranquil feel of the colour that has been incorporated too.

Next week will be my final post on the discovered artists from our holiday, and again, it will be based on a completely different medium to what you have seen so far.

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