02 November 2012

Discovered Artists - Part 4

This is the fourth and final post in the series of Discovered Artists that I have been sharing with you over the last few weeks. If you missed the others, you can catch up here, here and here.

It was whilst taking a gentle stroll through Abbotsbury in Dorset, that we came across this artist. Sitting on a step in front of a cute little door, was a small box of cards, with a sign urging us to take one. There was also some of the amazing work on display, and I was curious, so I popped one into my bag for further investigation. Visiting the website confirmed it all...

Abbotsbury Stonework

(All images sourced directly from www.abbotsburystonework.com)

I just love coming across unusual things, and I find this talent of stone carving quite rare in my world. Perhaps it is because I have never actively sought out stone carvings before, but at any rate, for this
to catch my eye just proves it is something special in my book.

The artist behind Abbotsbury Stonework is award-winning stone carver Rebecca Freiesleben, who specialises in hand crafted letter-cutting and carving in stone - from unique memorials and name plates to sculptures, relief carvings and other decorative items for your home and garden.

I love the fresh, quirky feel of the letter-cutting and the accuracy of it, while the more sculptural pieces have such wonderful details and such a natural feel to them. Amazing, amazing work. Visit her website to find out more about Abbotsbury Stonework, and view more of her portfolio.

I hope you have all enjoyed being introduced to the fantastic array of artists that we have covered in
this series - and remember, if you know of any great artists, we always like to know about them!

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