31 January 2013

Studio Time: Jess Green, Brand Development

For what could possibly be my last post for a little while, I thought I would share a very recent project with you all. It was a bright, fun, and energetic brand development that we created for a new Social
Media & Digital Marketing Training company - Jess Green, Digital Diva.

Jess needed a brand that represented what her sociable new business was all about - friendly, innovative, expert, proactive, dynamic, fun, edgy, exciting and sexy - and that would appeal to her young, female audience of confident and passionate small business owners.

We had so much fun developing her vibrant, memorable brand, which is every bit as energetic as
Jess is herself....

This was a great project to work on, and a great opportunity for me to channel my abundance of creative energy, that seems to have increased throughout my pregnancy. It also inspired my current love of bright colour, and stimulated a deep sense of excitement about the vibrant season ahead.

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