11 January 2013

Studio Update

With 3 weeks to go until our precious bundle arrives, it's all go in the studio on our open projects
- you'd think we would be slowing down, but it's really the opposite with all of this creative energy I have!

This week I've been hard at work on a vibrant new brand for Jess Green Digital Diva, and website design visuals for Cottontails Baby as part of their re-brand, to be launched next month. Aside from
this, we have a couple of wedding stationery projects that are still in full flow, and growing more beautiful by the minute. We have so much to share in the coming months!

To top this off, Jay is in full swing with the build of our new website, which we are planning to launch this month. We're so excited about this, as it has been brought right up to speed with where Leaff is now and really shows how far we have come. Watch this space!


  1. A lovely positive post - and very excited to be part of the exciting times.

    Really can't wait to see your own new website, it will surely be stunning!

    Have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you Charlotte, that's so kind! xx


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