17 December 2013

It's All About Goodwill

This month has been all about goodwill. The wheels were set in motion by our recent fundraising campaign for baby Joseph, and at any rate, if you can't think of others at Christmas, when can you?

Like a lot of us, we often feel too strapped for cash to give to charity, but at Christmas, we make a
point of it. As much as it is the time of year where we all really take time to appreciate our friends and family, it is just as much the time of year that we take a minute to really think about those less fortunate - and give.

This year feels special because it is our first as a little family of 3, and the first Christmas of traditions
- old and new. We have been excited to purchase certain items that Charlie will grow to love, and to warmly associate with Christmas, but above all of the 'pretty', the most important tradition is deep down inside - the gift of giving. How important that is to people who don't have the things we have, or the lives we have, and what a difference it makes to them. So we felt extra proud this year to be shopping for the local shelters - even though Charlie doesn't understand what we are doing right now, he will in time, and it will be as big a part of Christmas as the fire guard with the flying santa on it.

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