05 December 2013

So long, Autumn...

Incase you hadn't noticed, we have transformed into our Winter glory! I do love our rich and festive winter red, and this season does represent much change for us too...

Croome Court, Worcestershire, Autumn 2013 (taken by us).

I'm a bit sad to see Autumn pass for another year - my very favourite season. I love the colour it brings, the first crisp air of the year, and the low light at dusk casting the most beautiful sunsets and long shadows. It was a great season for us this year, being able to show Charlie all that it offers, as well as celebrating both mine and Jay's 30th Birthdays, which felt really momentous (and frightening at the same time!). But most importantly for Leaff, it was the season that I officially finished my maternity leave.

It has taken me until now to properly announce this, because it doesn't really feel like much has changed. I'm still only in the studio now and then, depending completely on Charlie's ever-changing nap routine, and most of my time in the studio is spread across evenings and weekends. Since we are not putting Charlie into nursery, this is the way it will remain until the Spring - more on that to come in due course - but for now I am really enjoying submerging myself gradually back into more work, and we have just taken on a few new and exciting projects to get our teeth into.

Now the season of cheer is upon us, and as far as traditions go, Christmas is our favourite. We have already begun to enjoy mulled wine by our log fire, soulful evening meals, and the halls have been decked (or 'hall' as the case may be) - the house now suitably resembles a grotto! 

It is an inspiring time of year for good will, and I think we have kicked it off well with our recent fundraising efforts for baby Joseph. Good deeds always enhance my drive in all areas of my life, and I feel a renewed sense of energy - despite the sleep deprivation that we are still under a cloak of! The New Year will mark the beginning of the changes for Leaff - there is so much excitement to come, and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

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