21 December 2015

Giving You // Creative Living

When I started planning this post, it was going to be about Christmas traditions for the family, but as I explored the idea, a lot of the suggestions were consumer-based, and it felt a little hollow. The act of giving always seems poignant at this time of year, when we take stock of what we have. So here are my top ideas for creating traditions in giving at Christmas.

While making festive biscuits to leave out for bin men and neighbours, and putting together a gift box for Operation Christmas Child can be a lovely thing to do with children, we can all take things a little further by supplying homeless people with winter essentials, and getting a little extra on our Christmas shop for the food bank. These are all very easy things to do, that can cost as much or as little as you like - every penny really does help when it comes to the less fortunate.

So in this true Christmas spirit, we wish you all a magical Christmas, filled with love and laughter.

*The studio is now closed for the festive period and will re-open on Monday 11th January 2016*

Image Sources: Biscuits The 36th Avenue, Christmas Child Garrett With Sim, Homeless (unknown source), Food Bank (unknown source)

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