14 December 2015

'Small' Books For Big Imaginations // Inspiring The Small

Quote from The Bear's Song (below).

Books are massive in our house - both of us being huge book worms, and eager to encourage the same passion in our small. We already have a modest collection of very special books, most of which were (gratefully) recommended by Lori, over on her blog Wild & Grizzly. Here, we are sharing 4 of our favourites that resonate with all 3 of us - not just from a plot perspective, but a creative one too.

The Encyclopedia of Pehistorica Dinosaurs (by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart) is a treasure trove of imagination and expert craft. Every page is packed with information, surrounding a 3D paper construction of a dinosaur that leaps out at you as you turn the page. It is a work of art as much as anything else, and this is why this book is such a success. It captivates, intrigues, draws you in, to rather a hands-on approach to learning about these incredible creatures. Our small is enthralled by this book - he enjoys role-play with these paper masterpieces as well as lifting the many hidden mini pop-ups that can be found throughout the book. As huge lovers of paper, this book is a massive hit in our household for not only our small, but us as well.

The Bear's Song (by Benjamin Chaud) is one of those rare books that combines a really comforting, beautiful tale of love between father and son, with magnificent illustrations. The large size of the book really celebrates the work of the artist, and the smell of the ink on the beautiful uncoated stock is just such a joy. Everything about this book sticks in your mind - from the soothing earthy palette and charming illustrations, to the attention to detail, the feel of the stock and the magical story - you just know this is one of those books that will remain in your child's memory forever.

In The Forest (by Anouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud and Sophie Strady) is such an important book for educating children on the impact of deforestation and the power of human actions - bad and good. With beautiful pop-up 3D paper constructions throughout, this vibrant, fun, yet poignant book leads us through nature and all it's beauty, teaching us about respect and the fragility of our world. Our small enjoys role-play with the diggers, and getting involved in the 'regrowth' of the forest that had been destroyed.

The Highstreet (by Alice Melvin) is like a record of our highstreets, as they once were, at a time when we are struggling to hold on to them. The book takes us on a colourful, playful journey down the highstreet, to tick off items on Sally's shopping list - presented with joyful illustration and printed on beautiful uncoated stock. Together, we come across all strange and wonderful things along the way, in this interactive book, which includes liftable flaps on every page, taking you into each shop. Not only does this book feel important to show our children the highstreet as it once was, and may never be again, but it also contains subtle lessons on consumerism, which we also feel is so important today.

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