21 March 2016

Easter Wreath Making // Creative Living

Last week we met up with Stephanie Saunders at her beautiful summerhouse, for a floral collaboration. Here, we are sharing our how-to guide to making this gorgeous Easter wreath, which we had so much fun creating alongside Stephanie.

Step One // Preparing the wire wreath ring

• Attach your wreathing wire onto the wire ring framework, by wrapping it around a cross section 
  4-5 times. Ensure it is secure by tugging on it a few times, and it should remain in place.

• Grab a handful of Sphagnum Moss, flatten it out into a rectangular shape on your worktop and 
  roll it into a sausage shape.

• Transfer the moss roll onto the wire ring framework, and wrap the attached wire around it a 
  number of times until it is securely in place.

• Continue this method until the wire ring framework is covered in moss.

Step Two // Covering in foliage

• Pre-cut your chosen foliage into 8cm - 12cm lengths. We chose this Italian small leaf Eucalyptus
  and intermixed it with Birch twigs.

• Create small bunches of the foliage, hold in place on the moss ring and wire around the stems to
  secure into place. Start on the outside edge, then secure one little bundle in the middle section, 
  and finish with a separate smaller bundle for the inside of the ring.

• Continue this process in an anti-clockwise direction, overlapping by a few centimeters each time,
  until the entire moss ring is covered in foliage.

Step 3 // Adorning with seasonal decoration

• Cut the end of the wire and secure to the wreath, by poking the end into the moss on the back 
  of the wreath.

• Attach a ribbon bow of your choice with wire, to complement your chosen colour or theme.

• Attach a selection of decorations with wire - since we created this with Easter in mind, we used 

  bird and bow decorations, but you can change over decorations for each occasion / season to 
  include things like faux flowers for summer, dried fruits for Autumn, or baubles for Christmas.

 Step 4 // Displaying and maintaining

• Hang up by attaching a ribbon or jute string at the top of the wreath, then hang on the front door 
  using a wreath hook.

• Mist lightly with water to extend the life of your wreath - the Moss and Eucalyptus are hardy plant
  materials, so should age well and last a couple of years, making this a re-usable wreath season 
  after season.

We really hope that you enjoyed this DIY, and we'd love to hear how you get on with creating your very own. We had a blast creating this with Stephanie - I had always wanted to make my own wreath and can't believe it has taken me this long to learn how, now that I know how simple it can be. More floral collaborations will follow next month, so keep an eye out!

Photography by Leaff Design

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