04 April 2016

Caerleon Roman Fortress // Inspiring the Small

When we went on a routine visit to my homeland just before Easter, we did so with fresh eyes, because we had just made the big decision to homeschool C.

It wasn't that I had forgotten how excitingly historic my home village was, but it hadn't really been too relevant to C's life, until now.

The sunrises are always spectacular from my parents' view, and with the weather on our side, we spent an exhausting weekend tearing around the roman barracks, amphitheatre, and museum. Although what drew us there was the opportunity for climbing the ancient rocks, running and balancing (C is massively into testing his physical capabilities right now), it really reminded us of the wonderful opportunity that the village offered, for learning history through play - hands-on - which is exactly the way we intend to teach C.

Inspiring this will be, for all our future visits, as we embark on our adventure of learning together.

Photo sources - Amphitheatre BBC, Barracks Wikipedia, all other photos our own.

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