06 June 2016

Wyre Forest Stick Man Trail // Inspiring the Small

As huge fans of Stick Man, we couldn't wait to visit the exciting trail and meet the beloved sculpture of the man himself, over at Wyre Forest. So on a sunny day a couple of weeks ago, we set off in our wellies...

The forest was enchanting and the air sweet with the promise of summer. We walked, ran, peeped, stomped, investigated, built, climbed, and very briefly sat down. There was so much to explore; so much to find. The Gruffalo was a nice surprise to spy through the trees, fast asleep in a clearing, and we were greeted with Stick Man himself on completion of the trail.

After the book being a firm favourite in our house for such a long time, this was a day out that our small could really connect with. It inspired him, and on the journey home we had to read our book again - at least 3 times. A brilliant day out full of fresh air, exercise, role play and connection with nature.

Plan your day out at Wyre Forest here: Forestry Commission

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