23 May 2016

Letting Go // Creative Living

When we grow up, we grow out of play, and into tight spaces in our minds. There is no room for play, and no room for imagination. But when we really get into the moments with our children - and I mean really - then we find our inner child, which opens up a whole world of possibility. We learn and grow creatively through play, and develop our skills in problem solving and social skills - just like our children do. Our adult lives are put on pause and for those blissful moments or days, we are free.

So I challenge you to truly live creatively this week. Lay in the leaves - try and catch one falling! Stomp in the mud and get dirty - who cares about the washing, it will be worth it. Wade in the river like you did when you were a child. Run down a hilly meadow - and laugh hard. Try a new skill, and feel liberated. And reconnect with nature, with new eyes...

This is something we are trying to embrace more of all the time, and reaping the benefits mentally, emotionally and physically as well as creatively. It's good for the soul.

Photo sources (all our own): Laying in leaves at Sherwood Forest, Stomping in mud at Wyre Forest, Wading in the river at The Knapp & Papermill Nature Reserve, Hill running at Croome Court, Archery class with Really Rural, Robin feeding at Puzzlewood.

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