25 July 2016

Which seasonal personality is your brand?

Figuring out your brand personality provides a solid base to start from to ensure that your branding is communicating the right things to your target market. It needs to be on point and it needs to be consistent. Intrigued? Grab a brew now and join us for a well spent 5 minutes.

Using the seasons to define your brand personality is a sure-fire way to obtain consistency and a clear message to your target market. And I don't just mean in your visual branding, but in your processes, communication, and in your multi-channel marketing. It provides a solid framework for you to work from, giving clarity and direction - an excellent starting point for any business.

As you might have guessed, there are 4 seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

Confident, creative, inclusive and forward thinking, Spring is exciting to be around, open and reliable. Businesses in this season might include creatives.

Aspirational, sophisticated and responsible, Summer is calm to be around, traditional and a perfectionist. Businesses in this season might include those in the wedding industry.

Full of ambition, challenge and passion, Autumn is a campaigner, and a nature lover. Businesses in this season might include those selling fairtrade goods.

Distinctive, uncompromising and future-facing, Winter is bold, specialist and reliable. Businesses in this season might include high-end Jewellers.

What season do you think your business fits into? And don't forget - this is about your business and not you. Think about the product or service that you offer and not your own personality.

We will discuss more about separating your business character from your own in due course, but join us again in a fortnight, when we will look at Colour Psychology, and how this fits into these seasons.

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