07 November 2011

New name, new age, new energy...

As some of you may already know from our tweets or Facebook updates, I am back, and Leaff has now officially re-opened.

For those of you who are utterly confused by our last (very delayed) music post, it was meant to be published just after I closed Leaff in early October, but obviously something went wrong somewhere (technically). I wanted to release it anyway, as it was a great post about a great artist - I hope that you felt it was worth the wait too.

After an amazing wedding, a completely rejuvenating honeymoon in the Maldives, and with my new age (yes, today is my Birthday) I really couldn't feel more ready and excited to get back into things with Leaff. During our last few days in the Maldives, I allowed myself to have a little think about Leaff and reflect on all that is to come. I even left a little piece of it there on the beach...


So what is in the pipeline for Leaff and where are we going to be focussing our energy?

We have lots coming up before the new year - new projects to be released into our portfolio, the build up to the launch of our shop in the new year, and the exciting series of wedding posts that I am set to release weekly over the next couple of months. From these I aim to give you an abundance of inspiration, information and advice on planning a wedding, complete with contact information for all of our own suppliers, and finally, I will be sharing our own personal wedding with you.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for all updates and any offers that we have running, if you are not already linked up with us on there. All blog post releases are also posted on both Facebook and Twitter, so you will never miss out.

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