25 November 2011

A tin of curious chocolates and a little festivity...

I really wanted to share a very special moment with you, involving a box of incredibly curious chocolates, and a beautifully festive evening.

We got the chocolates from our lovely German friend for our wedding, and after sitting by the sofa looking at us for a good few weeks, we decided that we could wait no longer; we had to see inside.

You see, the entire packaging is in German, so we had no idea what was inside. I could make out a
few words - marzipan, possibly hazelnut, pistachio and praline, but I wasn't even sure. The tin itself is stunningly beautiful, decorated in striking, rich red and gold, giving both a strong royal and festive feel.
A picture of Mozart sits on the lid and around the sides, with the title Mozart Kugeln and logo of the German master chocolatier, Reber.

So, with our wood stove crackling away, and the mulled wine warming up on top, we settled down for
the great unveiling.

We opened the lid to find the inside to be just as beautiful as the outside, with delicately embossed patterns, and the protective wrapping inside - substantial, and adorned in gold print. As we carefully removed it, both the size of the beautifully wrapped chocolates and the strong aromatic smell of rich chocolate, with a distinct note of liqueur, hit us all at once. They were honestly the most beautifully packaged chocolates we had ever seen - they oozed expense and quality.

We exitedly unwrapped the chocolates, despite the fact that I was supposed to be approaching with caution seeing as a have a little allergy to hazelnuts (mild as it is, it is still uncomfortable) but honestly,
I couldn't of cared less, I was on it like a robin on a fat ball!

We carefully unwrapped a chocolate each (they are so beautiful that they make you want to handle
them extra carefully) and sunk our teeth into them. The taste was unlike anything that we had ever experienced before - like the best chocolate I have ever eaten. To describe the taste is difficult,
and in fact, I am just going to have to eat one right now and describe as I go....

Ok, unwrapped and ready. Is it too early for chocolate?...Oh I don't care, I'm going for it...

Smooth, silky dark chocolate, thick and crisp on the outside, and as I bite in...soft, buttery textured, marzipan - the flavour is there; creamy and not too strong, with a kick of some kind of liqueur, a nutty flavour, and a secret cocoa centre. Intriguing.

There is no urge to gorge them all at once, because they are so rich and flavoursome that just one
at a time is enough. In my opinion, true chocolate quality.

You can find out more about these amazing chocolates at the manufacturers website, here, where you can also follow the link to the shop and purchase some of your own (highly recommended for Xmas).

Having now read a bit about them myself, I can confirm that they do contain hazelnuts, pistachio nuts and almonds, though I personally am lucky enough not to have reacted to these in this instance.
It is a good job, because I would be enduring a puffer face all Christmas otherwise. From reading the other ingredients online, they do not seem to usually contain alcohol, but ours definitely do, having translated it from the ingredients on the tin. So, allergy sufferers be safe, and check out the ingredients before you try and buy - do not rely on my experience, because as I said, my allergy is very mild in comparison to others.

Do let us know if any of you do purchase some, and what you think. We would be really interested to know!


  1. What an amazing post Kaitie! Fortunately I have just gorged myself on my first mince pie of the year (Mr Kipling, very every day) but at least it has taken the edge off a sweet craving, otherwise your post would have had me haring to the village shop for a bar of inferior Cadbury's. They sound amazing! I may just have to order some... am determined to get Christmas shopping started this weekend. And your description of yourself like 'a robin on a fat ball' really made me laugh!

  2. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it Charlotte! Ooo I've not had a mince pie yet, and yes I think you should buy some of these chocs for yourself - definitely worth it! Yes our little garden robin is so quick and crazy on the fat balls, it made for a great comparison! x


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