09 November 2011

Wedding #1 - The Venue

Welcome to the first in a series of 7 wedding posts running all the way up to Xmas week. Each wedding post will be released on a Wednesday, which I have now adopted as 'Wedding Wednesday'. Each post shares our journey up to our big day itself - thought processes and mood boards, all from my wedding file. To kick things off for week 1, I am covering 'The Venue', and here is the week structure for the other 6 weeks to come:

Week 2 - 'Attire' (dresses, suits, accessories, palette, purchase details)
Week 3 - 'Beauty' (hair & make-up, artist's details)
Week 4 - 'Flowers & Decor' (bouquets, arrangements, room dress ideas and visuals, florist's details)
Week 5 - 'Cake & Favours' (cake design ideas, favour ideas and visuals, baker's details)
Week 6 - 'Our Big Day' (an array of pictures from our day, photographer's details)
Week 7 - 'Our Honeymoon' (an array of pictures from our honeymoon, destination details)

Our venue hunt was pretty straight forward, as we already knew exactly where we wanted to get married. In our first year together, Jay whisked me away to a charming little village in the Cotswolds called Bibury for the day. He had done his research and found that William Morris had declared it the most beautiful village in Britain...and boy was he right. We spent a cool September day there, where the sky was clear, and the leaves were perfectly autumnal; it was a a day that I will never forget. As we strolled along the river, we fantasised about one day marrying there....

4 years later, and there was Jay down on one knee at the top of the Malvern Hills - our special place for walking, thinking and relaxing as the sun goes both up and down. It was perfect. And through bleary eyes, and sniffles, the image of Bibury sailed into both my head and his, and it was the very following weekend that we ventured off to Bibury for the second time.

The Swan Hotel, Bibury

As we rolled over the little bridge, greeted by The Swan Hotel in all it's glory at the other side, I could hardly contain the butterflies that were eagerly waiting to burst out of me. With old cotswold stone cloaked in ivy of the richest autumn shades, it couldn't of looked more picturesque and warm, on what was a bitterly cold day. Inside the log fires roared and we had a spectacular lunch in the cafe area after being shown around by the most welcoming and accommodating staff. Another perfect autumn day....

Top to bottom (left to right)
The Swan Hotel; the gardens of The Swan Hotel; Arlington Row; a walk around Bibury. 
(All pictures by Leaff)

Top to bottom
The Bridal Suite; The Lounge; The Bar. 
(Top 2 pictures grabbed off google - author, please feel free to identify yourself - last picture by Leaff)

From the very beginning when we were viewing The Swan, right through to the end, the staff were absolutely outstanding. 

All in all, we visited the venue around 5 times - most of the time asking to take measurements and photos for this and that - and each time the staff could not be more helpful and accommodating. Julia, our wedding Co-ordinator at The Swan, was on hand through the entire 12 months of planning, answering my obscene amounts of emails with such ease. And on the day? They did us very proud.

For pictures of The Swan on the day of our wedding, you will have to wait a while longer, until that post is revealed in week 6.

The Swan Hotel, Bibury, Gloucestershire, GL7 5NW.
Visit: www.the_swan_hotel.co.uk
Email: jhearnden@cotswold-inns-hotels.co.uk
Call: 01285 740 695

To read about and see our wedding invitations, follow this link to an earlier blog post.

Don't miss next week's post on Attire. Includes dress visuals, suits, accessories, palette ideas and purchase details!


  1. oh my goodness, what a dream place. That exact village is on my wish list to visit and now I have to go! Looking forward to more photos x

  2. Thank you for your comment Catherine - lovely to hear your thoughts. It must be top of your list because it is simply breath taking. Make sure you stop for food (or better still stop over) at The Swan Hotel, as they have the finest chefs around and couldn't be more welcoming. Do let me know when you have visited, would love to hear about it x

  3. It looks so beautiful and I recognise the photo (and the swan!) from your lovely wedding invitations. I'm going to have to venture over to Bibery one day - it's not THAT far from me and I know I'd love it.

    The windswept marriage proposal is so lovely - brought a tear to my eye.

    I cannot wait to see the photographs of the actual day. Are we really going to have to wait until WEEK SIX for this...! I'm sure it will be worth it...


  4. Charlotte! Thank you so much and yes you should definitely venture over to Bibury! Yes week 6 - I know it is a wait, but I am aiming to literally take you on my journey, so you get the build up and my thought processes, mood boards etc, and then the end result. I promise it will be worth it - the photographs are beautiful! xx

  5. My parents go to The Swan a lot so it is nice to finally see it! Looks gorgeous... Can't wait for the next blog post....x

  6. Oh wow Caroline, that is great! Glad your enjoying the posts so far, I can't wait to piece the next one together! x


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