11 January 2012

Cottontails Baby Book, Autumn/Winter 2011

Well this is an extremely over-due post, since this project was actually completed back in September 2011, but if you will remember, our camera helpfully packed-in at the same time.

This has to have been our most fun project to date - I thoroughly enjoyed working with the lovely Charlotte at Cottontails Baby, to produce her first ever book.

Incase you don't already know, Cottontails is a much loved traditional toy shop, offering a beautiful range from some of the finest French and Scandinavian toy makers. The owner, Charlotte, is an
absolute gem, and is never without her adorable bunny assistant, Humphrey.

The aim of the book was to showcase the best products that Cottontails had in stock for the seasons
of Autumn / Winter 2011. The book also strived to be a keepsake, that readers would want to treasure...

The book comprises of 9 sections, each with their own little theme. Scattered among these, are the fabulous 'fun sections', where Charlotte & I had allowed the children in us to surface completely.
From a bunny biscuit recipe, and mouse estate agents, to a scavenger hunt for magical beasties
- they are places for the imagination.

The idea of the fun sections was to give the book some other purpose. To involve the children
- to encourage interaction between parent and child, and the book. 

Charlotte, being a fantastic illustrator, was able to supply all of the little drawings for me to use within
the design, resulting in a quirky and charming mix of photography and drawing; where the products interact with the illustrations, to give it movement and activity, inviting the reader into the magical
world of Cottontails.

As with any printed item, the stock and technique had to be right. We went for an uncoated, off-white stock (with very green credentials), and litho printed the whole book using vegetable inks. It couldn't
be more friendly!

Creating this book was like full on play time for me. I got totally lost in the details - which the book is packed full of - and had so much fun making a massive mess in the studio. Tearing up paper, stitching bits, painting and drawing, and generally having a good old experiment. I got totally lost in Cottontails
- absorbed even - and when I came out the other side, I wanted to turn around and go back in for more!

The response that Charlotte has had to this book has been wonderful, and she is looking forward to producing more in the future. As you can imagine, I cannot wait to pour just as much of myself into
the next!

Lastly, I must mention that Cottontails currently has a massive sale on, so head over quickly and bag yourself some treasure. Sale or not though, Cottontails is an amazing, completely unique shop to get
a really special gift...or 10!


  1. Thanks for writing about it Kaitie.

    The response has indeed been brilliant with so many, many nice comments. One lady who hadn't heard of me before (I mailed a few new customers) actually phoned just to say how much she liked it, and another lady went to the trouble of returning her second copy (one mailed out, one in an order) so someone else could enjoy it.

    I have just one and a half boxes left now so am about to do a final mail out and track response properly by putting in a little incentive insert (printed on some lovely kraft paper).

    Then time to start thinking about the next one...!


    ps Did I tell you one woman didn't read the intro properly (fair enough, who reads catalogues word for word) and asked to speak to either Charlotte or Humphrey. I was tempted to hand the phone to him... :)

  2. Thank you for your comment Charlotte! That is amazing that you had such intense feedback, I really couldn't be more thrilled.

    That made me laugh about the lady asking for Humphrey - he is famous!

    Cannot wait to start the next one x


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