30 January 2012

Leaff's Shop - It's Open!

We are extremely excited to announce that our shop is officially open!

There are a few special products that we have launched with, and one perhaps familiar one, that will be making an appearance in the Autumn.


As Free As A Bird - Letterpressed blank card / notecards.
Baby Boy - Litho printed new baby card / announcement cards.
Baby Girl - Litho printed new baby card / announcement cards.
Magic Little Christmas - Letterpressed Christmas cards (coming Autumn 2012).

The Shop

The launch of our little shop has been a long time coming. Right from when we first ever began preparing to even launch Leaff alone, we dreamt of this moment. It was always destined to be a place that we could explore ideas and let ourselves go a bit - creatively - in our 'play' time.

Now it is finally here - and we should tell you that the aim of the shop is to offer a range of exquisitely designed and produced stationery, ranging from cards, prints and as we develop, who knows what else! We have great plans for this shop, but we want you to be involved too, so we are really trying to encourage people to tell us what they think. If there is a specific occasion that you would like to see us cover in the shop, or perhaps a particular product that you would like to see us create, then do let us know!

We really want to encourage fans to leave us feedback on our Twitter and Facebook pages - or to chat about the products in general, whether they have bought them or not. The aim of this is to not only benefit ourselves with the feedback, but other customers too.

The Products

We really didn't think about it at the time, but on reflection, we can see that these products are very suggestive of what has been on our minds over the last month or so.

As Free As A Bird is the next bird card in the set that was begun with Magic Little Christmas, which some of you were lucky enough to win a set of last Christmas. These Christmas cards will be reprinted for sale in the Autumn, in time for sending out those warm festive wishes to special friends and loved ones.

A natural progression in the bird set, the Blue tit speaks of Spring. Without realising it, we were designing this card as we planned our own spring in our garden, and even as we began to hang out our new nest boxes, in the hope of attracting a family of tits. Likewise, we created our gorgeous sets of Baby Boy and Baby Girl cards while we excitedly awaited the arrival of our first niece - without actually thinking about it. Again, our subconscious affecting things.

As for what else is to come, well, our imagination is our limit - and as the shop is something that we do in our 'play' time, we will need you to bear with us while we stock up with new products.

Meanwhile though, happy browsing - we hope that you enjoy!

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