09 March 2012

Leaff on 'Friendship'

Since I have been too busy to write lately, I thought that this week, I would tell you a little bit about what we have been up to.

As you already know, the work volume at Leaff has sprung simultaneously with Spring! It is after all a very positive time of year, when lots of us are thinking about making some refreshing changes. We have the absolute joy of working with an array of fantastic small businesses right now, as well as some exciting new start-ups.

Soon enough I will be blogging about each and every project, but here is a quick round up of a few things that are to come.

Stephanie Saunders is a floral design company based in Evesham, and just launching. Stephanie
is extremely talented and creates the most beautiful arrangements for various events and occasions. Stephanie was trained by the very florist that did our own wedding flowers, and who is renowned for
her specialist skills in the local area and further afield. Exciting things are certain to come from Stephanie, so she will be one to watch for sure. We have just launched her holding page, which you
can view here, and we will be covering her printed materials soon.

Existing and loyal clients to Leaff, NV Hair & Beauty and the gorgeous Cottontails Baby have both recently graced us with outstanding projects to work on. We have been working hard on some very special installations for NV, which have led us into some unusual and fascinating places, and which
we are due to fit this weekend. They are sure to be major talking points within the salon, and we are
very excited to see them in their rightful place.

Following the Cottontails Autumn/Winter book that we created last year (pictured above) we are currently working on a mailer for their new (and beautiful) Spring/Summer collection, which can only be described as seriously fun. My inner child has again been allowed to roam free around the Cottontails brand, which is one of my favourite places! We will be sure to post pictures of both NV's and Cottontails' projects as soon as.

Well I think that it is rather fitting that we are talking about 3 very strong and successful business ladies here, when it was of course International Women's Day yesterday. I try extremely hard to encourage strong relationships with our clients, and these 3 ladies are great examples of how successful that
has been for me. I rather class them as friends as well as clients, and value our relationships greatly.

I mentioned on Facebook last week, that Charlotte from Cottontails had very kindly given me a Friendship Cake. I also mentioned that I was going to blog about it, and since we are on the subject
of women and friendship, what better time is there to share it?

The cake comes in it's mixture form, and the process is that you take care of it and feed it, for 10 days, until it is ready to bake. But, before you get to the baking part, you must carry on the tradition and separate the dough to give to your nearest and dearest as their Friendship Cake.

We got to baking stage Wednesday night, which was interesting, as we had never baked a sour dough recipe before. The cake was moist, and, well, yum. It was rich, full of interesting elements, sweet and dense, which I think is a pretty good description of a good friendship too. In fact, we loved it so much, that we read a bit more about it, and in the name of International Women's Day, of all of our clients,
and of friendship of course, we have typed the recipe up for free downloading, here. So take a minute to grab it, and whoever you are, wherever you are, we extend our hand of friendship for you to pass on, and on, and on; because we believe in strong relationships in business, and supporting each other.


  1. Oh! I have only just spotted this post, I missed it on Friday somehow. I am SO glad the cake turned out nicely :) I still have a bit of mix 'on the go' here and cakes keep being baked :)

    I am so glad you are doing so well and being so busy for Spring.

    You both deserve this, you work so hard and have such a wonderful approach and ethic. Hooray!


  2. Oh Charlotte, thank you for such a lovely comment!

    That is great that you still have some on the go! We got 2 cakes out of our mix (kept 2 'mothers'!) so one went in the freezer. Mmm!

    Thank you so much for your lovely words, they are so much appreciated. We are very much looking forward to covering your mailer on here soon - in all it's glory! x


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