30 March 2012

One Size Fits All

Here are a few of both my favourite, and the most memorable logos, that you would just never get off-the-peg. 
All images borrowed from Google, for reference.

Perhaps growing up from the belly of the recession, we have seen an influx in the 'one size fits all' companies, offering off-the-peg logos for the unsuspecting new businesses to cash in on; to make-do with.

I have always found them such strange places. I mean, what is not to get about them - they are offering a cheap alternative for new businesses that do not have a lot of budget to play around with. However, in my view, it is a very dangerous alternative.

There is a particular logo floating around Worcester which really baffles me. It is obviously of the off-the-peg variety, because three different businesses claim to own it - how confusing that is to their customers! Not to mention the fact that all three businesses are in completely different sectors. This is
a really good example of why I feel that these off-the-peg solutions are so dangerous - and why they are not solutions at all.

It is more than tempting to edge along cautiously with money when you are first starting out - and it is
the sensible thing to do. However, what new businesses tend to underestimate is just how powerful their brand can be. Furthermore, I can't imagine it is very confidence inducing to buy a logo that a hundred other people may have - what can that say about you and your business? Not a lot.

I like to think of logos as faces. Each face is unique - no two are the same in the world - and that is what gives us our identity. It is the same with logo's - they should be all about you - your individual mark - the face of your business.

So, when considering what corners to cut when starting out, know that your logo is where you put those scissors away.

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