16 March 2012

NV Installations

Last week I told you all about some of our recent projects that we have been keeping busy with, and in it I promised to share things as they were finished.

I did want to jump back and follow on from my last design post this week, but it has been such a chaotic week, so instead, I have decided to share the installations for NV Hair & Beauty a little earlier than planned.

We spent last Sunday fitting them at the salon, and it was so much fun. This project was such a special one, as it was completely out of the box, which is just the kind of challenge that we thrive on. It not only used our design skills, but our art as well, along with our woodwork and DIY skills that we have grown over the years of renovating our house, and tackling personal projects.

The Making

It started with the NV sign. The owner of the salon, Beverly, had wanted something to sit on the wall in the foyer, at the entrance to the salon. Beverly had asked us for wall art, and we gave her this.

Having designed the whole of NV's identity, we were already at one with the brand, and we knew just how brilliant a 3D, wooden logo would look. So we measured, we did the maths, we got the tools out, and we rolled up our sleeves. Our dining room became a workshop once again, as we covered the floor in wood shavings and general mess. We were in our element!

Every fitting was sculpted into the wood, hiding seamlessly within, and allowing the sign to sit flush, and do all of the talking without disruption. Furthermore, a local hardware store allowed us to gain an exact match of NV's corporate green, which is just so fresh and vibrant.

The Fitting

So Sunday morning came and up we got bright and early, and crept down the stairs to make the last checks on the materials and tools, that we had packed ready to go. Covering all eventualities was vital!

First up, we hung the NV sign, and the bright pop of colour worked so well on the bare white wall outside the salon, as it picked up in co-ordination with the beautiful colour matched throughout the salon inside.

Next, it was time for the hair installation. Beverly had again asked us for some wall art for behind the reception desk, on a very narrow part of the wall, that was the leg of an arch. Based on a hair-inspired pattern that we created within NV's identity, we wanted to carry this through into the salon, and onto that part of the wall, as a large, and interesting installation; a talking point.

Having already prepared the technicalities, we were free to get ourselves knotted up in the vibrant green string, that again matched their corporate colour. From one fixed starting point, we weaved the string up and down the wall, to create this somewhat subtle yet very interesting effect.

We are extremely pleased with the results of the project, and most importantly, Beverly is too. In fact, we had this lovely bit of feedback from her this morning...

Another successful instalment by Leaff.  This time they came up with the idea, design and even handmade the artwork themselves.  They are a breath of fresh air, and are totally in tune with what I want. I have every confidence that every time I pass them a project it is going to turn out first class. They never disappoint!

If you live in Worcester, why not pop on over to the salon to see the installations for yourself? And maybe grab a treatment or two of course!


  1. Wow, that's incredible! I love it x

  2. Thank you so much Caroline - how lovely to have such great feedback! x


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