15 June 2012

An Enchanted Summer...

As our summer has been cloaked in a system of dark, stormy weather, it has been feeling awfully Autumnal - and for me, Autumn spells magic. Here are some recent finds that have captured my imagination on the moodiest of days.

• Little Woodland Fairy Table Set, £9.82 - Monkeys On The Roof
• Golden Snitch Necklace, £14.58 - Whimsydaisy Designs
• Small Antique Keys, £7.95 - Vintage Lizzy
• Enchanting Gnome/Hobbit Door, £11.92 - Ozark Kountry Crafts
• Handmade Rustic Book, £16.56 - Beautiful Place
• Cuckoo Clock - Cuckoo Land

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