20 June 2012

Introducing Anna Briggs { Brand Identity }

Leaff has been so busy lately, that I thought it would be an ideal time to give you a bit of a peek
at something we have recently worked on, and introduce you to a very special client. I give you,
Anna Briggs...

From the logo development, and the array of materials - letterheads, promotional cards, business cards and folders - to the website and Twitter page, it was such a joy to work on a project so thoroughly.

Anna Briggs is an officiator of bespoke funeral ceremonies. She offers extremely tailor made and personal ceremonies, where family and friends are very much a part of things. For her brand, we really wanted to create a look that was both strong and stable, yet gentle and friendly - just like Anna and the service that she offers.

The colour palette is made up of both earthy and mineral shades - well suited to the company and which work in harmony together. Gentle, pastel green is the leading colour, teamed with a rich and earthy chocolate brown for the folders, and a much softer mushroom brown for the envelopes. The entire of her materials were litho printed in pantone ink, onto a recycled, uncoated stock, and her folders debossed with her logo.

We expect big things from Anna - she has a solid business idea behind her and a brand that we think conveys her company's mission and ethics perfectly. Why not head on over to her Twitter page - she
is very new to the platform, and she has big aims to change the way that we think about dying. Pretty amazing stuff!

Here is a little of what Anna has had to say about this project:

"From day one I thought I was in good hands. Your attention to detail was fantastic. You had a canny knack of ‘getting to know me and how I thought’ – what I was like. You have put in 110% into this – in a way, I feel I’ve been ‘carried through’ if this makes sense! It’s been a pleasure being one of your clients Kaitie. Thank you!"


  1. It's all just beautiful. Strong, stable, gentle and friendly - I love that. Proud to know you and Anna!

    1. Charlotte - what a lovely, lovely comment, thank you so much! It is so great to hear what you think of it all, and I'm positive that I can speak for both of us when I say that we are proud to know you too! I know that you and Anna are great friends, and the fact that I got to meet her in the first place was down to your recommendation of Leaff, which we will be eternally grateful for x


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