22 June 2012

The Jubilee & A Curious Bookshop

So this is a little late really, but it is well worth sharing I think. Every year we go to Bromyard for the weekend of their Scarecrow Festival. We dig out the tent, gather a feast, and set ourselves up in the
most idyllic place - right in the countryside, over-looking a beautiful paddock filled with wild flowers,
and the whole valley laid out beyond. It is a time for us to find true tranquility for a couple of days,
and really enjoy nature.

This year, the festival fell on the Jubilee weekend, and so of course, we went armed with a little decoration to mark the event in our own private way. Notice the beautiful bunting, courtesy of
Rob Ryan, and the various celebratory foods, including a rather delicious celebratory punch
- thanks Ocado!

Also on our visits to Bromyard, we do enjoy a mooch around the little village, and its tiny, quirky shops...

Now, nothing excites me quite like an old, curious book, and if you are just as thrilled by these things, then get yourself over to Frank Nutt Antiques.

The shop is absolutely packed to the rafters with very old, tatty books - literally, you can hardly walk through it. The smell of the musty, dusty books; the visual explosion of the old and antique - we could lose hours of time in there, pawing through the treasures that are waiting to be discovered.

I would honestly buy these just for their beautiful exteriors alone - wouldn't they just look magical on a bookcase at home? But really, the insides are just as fascinating no matter what the book, since little notes and letters can often be found within. Private notes of affection, when the books were given as gifts, and old letters dating back to times I can't even imagine, that seem to have been lost and
forgotten between the pages. It is like jumping into the past in so many ways.

So this is really why I wanted to share this with you; to remind us all of the importance of spending some time with nature - it is good for the soul - and of course, to introduce you all to this wonderful bookshop, which really is like stepping into another world.


  1. Love your bunting Kaitie! And I walked past the bookshop just yesterday as I headed to Bromyard post office :)

    1. Thank you Charlotte! That is funny that you just walked past the bookshop, though I guess that you are in Bromyard quite often.


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