13 July 2012

Leaff's Shop News

Yesterday was a momentous day for Leaff. After months of hard work, we finally sent off the artwork
for our 2 new card designs, for the plates to be made for pressing.

If you remember, back in January, we launched our little online shop. Since then, we have come
leaps and bounds, and have lined up a number of special independent shops around the local area,
who are to stock our Garden Bird range.

Of course, until now, there has only been our little blue tit card, 'As Free As A Bird' and last Autumn,
our robin card, 'Magic Little Christmas' which sold out ahead of the festive period. Our 2 new designs introduce you to 2 further characters who are regulars in our garden, and which complete the
Garden Bird range.

We still have plenty of our 'As Free As A Bird' left in stock, and 'Magic Little Christmas' is currently
being reprinted, to be relaunched in the Autumn.

We will be releasing information of all stockists once the cards are launched, and they will also
be available to buy in packs through our online shop. Watch this space!


  1. Replies
    1. Not long to wait and see Charlotte - we are hoping to launch them next month! xx


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