06 July 2012

The Wonder of Woodlands

As some of you may have seen on the news recently, England's woodlands have been in danger of destruction, by Government plans for a mass sell-off of the public forest estate. A representative 
of the Woodland Trust was being interviewed regarding the subsequent outcry of the plans, where she explained the benefits of woodlands - not only for the obvious (wildlife), but for us as human beings too. Thankfully, it has since been announced that the plans have been dropped, and our woodlands have been made safe.

This whole situation really struck a chord with us - it is no secret that we are great lovers of nature and wildlife - but we had recently taken a trip to a local woodland, and as if to confirm what the Woodland Trust was saying, we reaped the benefits of the experience.

The peacefulness of the woodland, where we cannot help feeling humbled at walking amongst nature's home. There is so much to see, so much to inspire - don't you think these photos just illustrate this perfectly?

The day that we visited and took these pictures, was a very grim, rainy day - much like today. Despite this, we donned our wellies and got out for some true refreshment in the rain. It looks, from these pictures, that it was a beautiful sunny day, but it just goes to show the beauty of nature when it shines 
in all its vibrancy, no matter what Mother Nature is up to.

The woodland that we visited - pictured here - was Worcester Woods Country Park. In all of this grim weather, fun can still be had outdoors, so why not dig out your raincoats, and explore your own local woodland this weekend?

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