22 February 2016

Early Years Education With Nurture // Inspiring the Small

You may remember Nurture Outdoor Kindergarten from when we completed their branding back in October 2014, and their unique signage in November 2014 - covered on the blog here and here.

We are just over a year on, and the Kindergarten have just celebrated their first anniversary. As Hannah - Co-owner and Business Manager - summarised, '1 year of learning and growing, 1 year of building and innovating, 1 year of creating and reflecting, and 1 year of evolving and developing'.

The Kindergarten began with the dream of developing a Nature Nurtures approach to early years education - respecting the importance of outdoor experience for exploration, learning and development; emphasising creative play, social interaction, the awe and wonder of nature; promoting a model of the child as a competent individual in need of security, consistency, challenge, autonomy, the time to play without interruption and the freedom to explore their world.

Here, learning is all done through play, and is entirely child-led - which makes this a very unique and attractive 'pre-school' environment, for those who appreciate the importance and benefit of hands-on learning. Now that is what we call inspiring!

So how has their branding helped them to achieve their success to date? Hannah says 'We believe branding is more than just a logo. It was so important to us that we had a strong brand and we knew Leaff could deliver this for us from the moment we met them at the studio for the initial brief.  Leaff have provided us with branding that represents our values as a company, our mission, and a banner under which our community (children, parents and staff alike) can come together.'

What Helen & Hannah have built physically with their site, as well as the trust that they have developed and 'nurtured' between themselves, their team, the children and the parents, all compliment the strong and unique visual identity of their branding.

Without that attention to detail in every aspect of their business, their branding would have been nothing more than a mask. After all, a good brand is nothing without a strong service / product, and a strong service / product is nothing without a good brand.

Hannah finishes, 'Leaff clearly love what they do and will immerse themselves in the creative process to meet the brief.  We are so proud of the community they have helped us to create. From the bottom of our hearts Kate and Jay, thank you for being there at the beginning and for joining us along the way!'.

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