29 February 2016

Spring Whispers // Creative Living

Spring is knocking on the door - it peers down at us through the warmth of sun rays on these still-cold winter days. It whispers promises in the air.

Our Spring is for discovering and reflecting - discovering nature and new life in both plants and animals, and reflecting on the beauty of nature, whilst blissfully basking among it all. It is such a positive, peaceful time of year, and one that we are very much looking forward to experiencing again this year.

What is Spring to you?


  1. I love the freshness and vibrant greens of Spring, a new beginning. The magic of bulbs and blossom that burst into flower. It is my favourite season and I too can't wait. Of corse lambs make it extra special too! I loved all your photos, hugs, Catherine x

    1. Thank you Catherine - so nice to hear your thoughts on Spring, and we are so pleased that you enjoyed the post. Your work has been inspiring us with our planning for an Easter trail for C! x


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