09 May 2016

Perfect Vegan Pancakes // Good Food

We enjoy this breakfast at least once a week - it's vegan, super healthy, fun and delicious. The perfect family-orientated breakfast to set you up for a great day of adventure...

Ingredients (serves 3)

150g rolled oats
2 Medjool dates
500ml (approx) oat milk
2 bananas
80g plain wholemeal flour
Coconut oil (for cooking in)
Berries (of your choice)
Maple syrup (for drizzling)


Pit and crush the dates until a paste-like consistency (or use a blender!). Peel the bananas and crush into the dates to combine at the same time. Combine date / banana mix with with the oats, flour and milk and mix well to form a gloopy, pourable batter. Stand for 10 minutes before cooking - meanwhile heat frying pan over a medium-low heat and add coconut oil when you're ready to start cooking.

Spoon the mixture into the frying pan - we usually fit around 4 pancakes in the pan each time. When the mixture appears to set on top, that's when you flip them - around 4-5 minutes on the first side, and around another 2-3 minutes once flipped.

Serve hot, with your choice of berries and a drizzle of maple syrup - here we used strawberries, raspberries and pineapple. Sometimes we make a compote instead, using blueberries and lemon, or even rhubarb. Get creative!

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