02 May 2016

Natural Playground, Croome // Inspiring the Small

Come rain or shine (but preferably shine) our small is never happier, or more free-spirited than when he is outdoors, immersed in nature. At our local National Trust property - Croome Court - as well as the obligatory man-made playground, they also have a natural playground. Having spent near enough every day of his walking life playing outside within nature, C naturally gravitates to the natural playground, to explore his imagination.

Exploring logs, branches, tree stumps and twigs, there is endless opportunity for testing his boundaries in balancing, jumping, climbing, lifting, carrying and building, as well as role play - the tepee for example, became our house, which he decorated with ivy and built a 'fire' outside of.

We are true believers in the importance of nurturing our relationship with nature, which inspires our small, and forms the basis of a life-long bond with natural spaces.

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