25 April 2016

Wreath Making With Fresh Florals // Creative Living

Last month we covered our collaboration with Stephanie Saunders to create an Easter wreath, which was re-usable for different seasons and occasions - you can catch up on that here. This month, we are covering our collaboration creating this fresh wreath of summer florals...

Step One // Preparing the Oasis wreath

• Soak an Oasis ring in water for a few minutes. Leave it to soak up the water without forcing
  it under the water level. It will find its own way down after a minute or two.

• Chamfer the edge of the Oasis ring to increase the surface area before beginning to add foliage
  - this allows you to use more flowers and foliage.

Step Two // Adding the foliage

• Start with your foliage to create the size and shape of your arrangement. Cut suitable lengths
  of foliage for the base of your arrangement. Insert these around the edge and at various points
  around the Oasis ring. We chose this Italian large leaf Eucalyptus.

• Starting with your largest flower choices first (these form the focal point to the arrangement),
  insert these at equal, but natural looking distances around the ring. This is very much where
  you can put your own style into it. Groupings of two look lovely but disperse these with
  singular blooms. We used these large white roses as our main focal floral, with pink spray roses.

Step 3 // Adorning with florals

 • Keep turning the arrangement to view it at all angles to make sure it looks good from each side.

• Take your next flower choice and arrange around the first flowers and repeat for all of your
  chosen florals. We used a mix of Lily of the Valley, Grape Hyacinths and daffodils alongside
  the roses. Again, look for natural spaces to infill with blooms. Continue this process until you
  have used all your flower varieties. 

Step 4 // Displaying and maintaining

• If there are any spaces where you can see the wet Oasis, infill these with little sprigs of foliage.

• To make the arrangement last as long as possible, top the Oasis up with a little water from time
  to time. This will perk up the flowers and make them last a little longer. Fresh wreaths can be
  expected to last for up to a week.

This was such an exciting wreath to create, and the scent was just beautiful. The perfect summer entrance piece to hang on your front door, to welcome guests and to bring a smile to passers by.

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