30 March 2011

The Glorious Guildhall

We have just learnt something very exciting indeed....

Worcester's beautiful Guildhall - the spectacular Queen Anne style building - will now be playing host as a music venue to a whole range of talented international music artists.

The sumptuous and atmospheric assembly rooms, which are situated on the top floor of the building, will be the rooms that will host these shows. As you can see from the picture, the ceiling is adorned with the most intricate plaster work and great golden chandeliers that cast a warm, atmospheric glow over the room. On the walls hang large, impressive royal portraits, and at the far end, the stage sits perfectly framed by two great pillars. It really is magical.

Even from the outside of the building, standing at the foot of the grand black & gold gates that guard, you can catch a glimpse of the stunning chandeliers through the large majestic windows. This view right here is what drew me into the hall the very first time. I just had to look inside.

This building has such history, with a royal patronage which dates right back to 1788, and aside from the cathedral, it is (in our opinion at least) perhaps the most impressive building in Worcester.

It is so great that Worcester has a really special and unique place for more intimate musical shows, which we hope will attract a good variety of very special artists. Artists like Agnes Obel and City & Colour would be magnificent in this venue, and we will be informing them of The Guildhall right away!

This photograph was taken by Karl Bungey at folk singer Deborah Hodgson's show in 2010. Deborah unveiled in an interview that as she stood on the stage, she looked up to find the words 'music, poetry and drama' inscribed in the ceiling. It is as if it was always meant to be.

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