21 March 2011

Wedding Adventures

As some of you already know, I am getting married in October this year. So on top of the pile of projects that we are currently working on, I also have our invitations to do, which we are working on at weekends.

A very different project to any other, seen as I am my own client, and this perhaps in some ways, makes it more challenging. The creative scope is vast, and we get to experiment with so many different techniques, so it really is one big adventure for us.

Inspiration wise, there are lots of things that inspire me. The weather, the garden, various topics of conversation... nothing typical really. But then there are my books, bursting with visuals of other artists work, which I can lose myself in for hours at a time, until I am fit to burst and simply must put pen to paper!

Then there is Style Me Pretty - the mother of all wedding blogs. An american blog, it spares nothing, and is absolutely packed with inspiration on pretty much anything wedding related. I manage to draw inspiration from it no matter what the project is, so whether you are thinking 'weddings' or not, you should definitely take a look: www.stylemepretty.com

Yesterday we spent some time experimenting with the copy, and creating some illustrations. Our main concern is to stay close to our venue, as everything is spinning off from that. I don't want to say too much too soon, but I intend to give snippets of information away on here, every now and then, and perhaps with the odd picture too for sneak peeks. It will make a good diary of our progress with them, until one day soon, when they are released into the world.

Time is ticking away, and it is hard because I really think I could spend months and months working on these. It is an amazing journey into us as a couple, matched with complete freedom of our imaginations - with no rules, and no constraints. It is just us, in this space, where anything is possible.

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